14 May 2015

Love follows Love

My muse is Love, in all its multitude and singularity. Its ultimate purpose, and aside from the particulars, is Creation.

Creation, in all its multitude and singularity.

Thus follows from the muse, and is Created: Love, Life, Work, Art, Death, Peace, Serenity, Love.

Love follows Love, and it always will.
Because it always has.
Even after Death, Love follows, when there is Peace, and The Stillness. The Returning.
Love follows Love, and is thus the beginning after the End.

That is the only cycle I need, to explain the frequent questions:
Why is there Darkness?
Why is there Pain?
Why is there Hatred?
Why is there Anything?

The answer is simple, and the answer is clear.
"Why is there Love", has one answer to its own and every other question.

The answer and the question:
Why is there Love?
Because Love follows Love. It always has, and it always will.

If Love thus Continues, then what lies between, surrounding, and outside of Love
Is the dark, negative space called Pain. Called Hatred. Called misunderstanding and confusion and hurt and blind stubbornness, and addiction and misery, and kicking a glass door so that the broken angled interfaces jag the flesh, and stain the floor an ochre shade of past resentments.

It is the dark, negative space called Pain. Called pressing a knife to the wrist. Called self-will run riot.

Trusting in Love, we need never fear the Pain, the Darkness.
For Love never falters, Love never turns its back.
It stares you in the eyes, and it tells you the Truth.

And you will see that Truth,
If ever your eyes are Open.

We need not fear the Pain.
For Love Continues, and is the answer to its own question, "Why?"

Because it always has, and it always will.