28 Sep 2015


"Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:

1. Process Stuff
2. Identify Stuff
3. Collaborate on Stuff

4. Reflect on self as a learner.


Assignment: Individual (20%)
Project: Group (30%)
Project: Individual (10%)
Reflection: Individual (40%)"


Gears flick and turn, and the machine becomes more familiar with the idea that he can do some things that matter to him more than anyone else. Perhaps even some things that, in doing them, cost others a fraction of their space or time, or charge a small emotional fee.

Gears turn and click, and the soul awakens over and over to realise This Is OK. I am me, and I am starting a new path So Heavily Laced with Love that the caves thunder where my footsteps fall to hear it screamed in every crag, to drip and coat the walls with the graffiti mark of passion. And yet I am also, and also was Me. And today I choose what to do with my life, for I own my soul.

And my soul chooses to have a fucking amazing day, and to Love concurrently with that. Not to drown in the dark wine of living with somebody, and not to feel the pangs of a relationship weekend that somehow turned into a bender. This is solid, actual Life. And I love her with all my heart, because she is part of my life.

The gears click and recognise themselves. They are the parts and they are not the Viziers. No part of a life can control that life, anymore than the gears can attempt to enslave the stars with their spells.

A reflection on my self as a learner, for I always learn and grow. I thank my almighty Teacher for the constant lessons, be they harsh, fun or studious. I am grateful for the chance to grow at every step.