30 Dec 2015

Here (The Fey at Midnight)

-Drafted in June 2015

The blood of a past song knifed my ears.
The maggots feasted, and the world was beautiful.
Only the Now is content to ask, "What of tomorrow?"
Only the Blind are ever drawn to the dawn of the dark.
In the soul presence of committed harmony,
I lust for the avenged stem of peace.

Where fallen the heroes of hearts, the dust of memories and the pain of beginnings
Are things unwatched.
For we are careful with our mindclocks.

The tick, the shit, the energy sap of a forlorn waste.

I love endlessly, unbinding in that innate pure freedom.
I love tirelessly, though I am tired to the earthen clay cracks of my bones.
I love passionately, and the blood pours over.

From the cup, out of the veins and unto the floor,
broken glass and broken trust.

The breadcrumbs were lain down, so we could find our way back,
And all was dark as we trod the damp soil.

But the light of a still, pure loving heart shone out from your eyes.

Even when you lied to me,
The light of a still, pure loving heart shone out from your eyes.

I love eternally, and the joy it brings the world is worth the effort I
Summon from somewhere unknown. To protect and nurture and crumble and forgive and let down and make mistakes and hurt and forgive and take and give and give and try and fail, all is worth it.

To love eternally, is to be.
And to accept love eternal, is to be.

So I am,
And I will always, always love you.
With the fire in my belly. With the blue in my eyes.
With my soul in my hand, and my heart in yours.
For Love Is.

Fuck everything else and whatever it means. In this moment as my thoughts are on you, I don't think about anything else, though I will surely care when the elsewhere moment has arrived. I will care and I will think, and in that moment I too will Be.

I lay my head at night in the curls of a serpentine angel. Lion immaculate.

The fierce, the brave, and the kill.

Angus died when you took my hand, and Angus is now born as a closer image of what I always wanted.

It was me in parts and places, I put those gears there in that machinery, and the wrenches were loaned from other sources equally present and overwhelmingly life affirming.

But I needed a push from you.

I am grateful, but please stop pushing.

I am here. And I'm not going anywhere.
For Love is,
And always will be.

In Aeternam.