20 Feb 2016

Site Version 2.1

  • Domain gamoneterik.com redirects to subdomain blog.gamoneterik.com (here) for now
  • Subdomain music.gamoneterik.com now points to Bandcamp page for Gamoneterik (a music project)
  • Updated banner image, and replicated it on Bandcamp page (in progress), as well as Youtube and Google+ pages linked to my profile
  • Banner image credits - Angus Maiden 2015 (original photo taken on my Galaxy S5 in Brunswick, VIC of a graffiti'd wall, touched up in Fotor)
  • Quirkyface logo used on this site (Adapted from older works and my old netlabel) will now be Gamoneterik brand image (copyright Angus Maiden)
  • Working on:
    • music under the name Gamoneterik for an upcoming album
    • getting songs live-ready
    • Mailchimp mailing list stuff
    • Branching the blog subdomain into pages, like this one
    • Youtube channel
    • Bandcamp page at music.gamoneterik.com design and material
    • Consolidating all Gamoneterik pages such as Soundcloud, Youtube and Propellerhead under the domain gamoneterik.com (somehow!)
    • Sourcing feeds and things to put on a page here that are not my own vein output