27 Apr 2016


To inspire the hearts of others, is to entertain the mad notion that life is real, and we are to live it every day.

I will from here on it be focusing on music. This domain is a good central pointer to my current project, streamlining its output.

Colleagues and friends sometimes ask, "Where's the new recordings?" I have recorded some stuff, including a rough track for an album that will be released in a year or two.

I am learning how to sing, and how to sing well. I will be playing this new material live with gear I've worked to buy.

I am honing my guitar and production skills. I'm already very good at them.

I work 38 hours a week. I pay my bills on time, sometimes struggle to eat properly and do the things I feel I need to in order to have the energy to be free with my time. Psychology, spiritual progress, fitness, being vegan etc.

However, Mother Nature, as I heard recently, continually puts a pea under our mattresses, in order to push us and drive us into action, growth, to the ultimate goal of reproduction and survival (David Cain, On Becoming an Individual (or How to Save The world), http://howtosavetheworld.co).

If we simply accept that the pea is there, it's not a struggle.

I have short term goals, daily goals, things I will achieve in a year and longer term (up to 5) years.

I aim to be a free agent within 5 years, operating solely off my music. Music drives me, it is my inspiration, my higher power, my life and soul.

You will hear that on the airwaves, on stage and in living rooms, and hopefully be moved by it, as I continue this focus.

Life is beautiful,
And tomorrow is another day.

Love eternal, love big, dream high and soar today.

For today is with us,
And tomorrow is another day.