30 Apr 2016

The Little Things

Amongst everything today - the out of the blue positives, the unease of the lonely mind, the practical failures, small victories, chance meetings; the contented snoozing and the always confusing afternoon wakeup - amongst it all, I have found that a cinnamon donut has been the most profoundly beautiful experience.

Purchased at 11am, at $2.20 for three. Forgotten in a bag and rediscovered at 5pm. Enjoyed separately, sparingly, unique covets of soul filling. Moments of simple joy.

The fruits of my labours, be they physical, mental, or spiritual, are the opportunity to momentarily forget all my worries and enjoy the little things.

Dusted sugar, ground cinnamon, flour, water and yeast. This is where God lives. Taste, and happiness.

There there, past life. You did not know any better. But I'm thankful you found the way to me. And Welcome, dear present.

Tomorrow is another day.