27 May 2016


This I affirm,
My dark Distant love.

My revenge shall be...
To live my life to the fullest.
To be successful in all the ways that matter to my spirit,

And to the soul of the world.

To live a good life,
No matter how it got fucked sideways in the slipstream of being with you.

No matter how we could have loved if the blinds were drawn. If the words were held, if the wounds were tended.

No matter how. No matter, now.

How dark it was before the dawn.

Awaken, soul, awaken life. Love and happiness begins today...

In the furthest absence I've ever been, from the addicting vial labeled You And Me (Drink Me; Poison).

I vow to have, and to hold... my life, my dignity and my sanity, once again.