2 Jun 2016

Site Version 3.0

  • Website is Lookin' pretty fuckin' cool and complete by now.

  • Just spent most of the day poring over CSS and stuff getting this site ready for a proper publicly promoted release
    • My back and eyes hurt a bit from stooping over the laptop
    • I feel solidly more mentally stable and ready for life having spent the time on it
  • Made an image map for the header with tabs
  • Home page is no longer the blog, the blog and a few other things are tucked away in another page (that's hard to do on the Blogger platform!)
  • All links should be properly linked now (may have to change them and the image map to go to Events and Video pages in the future).
  • Standardised the logo and banners I've been using across different sites (mainly a resolution and formatting thing)

  • Finished cabling my home studio QuirkyFace Studios (again) for more ease of access and instant recording takes in moments of inspiration
  • Been talking to friends about gigging, will probably happen in mid-july with Talkshow Boy to start off

  • Having fun, gathering steam, shouting at walls and demons; getting the riffs nailed.
  • Forgot to eat